News and Announcements

Monday, 2nd of May 2016, Majlis e Shahadat of Imam Musa Kazim (علیہ سلام) and programme shall InshaAllah be as follows:
7:45 pm Hadees e Kisa
8:00 pm Marsia
8:20 pm Majlis (Molana Syed Raza Hussain Zaidi)
8:57 pm Namaz-e-Magrabain

Wednesday, 4th of May 2016
8:59 pm Namaz e Magrabain
Amaal of Shab-e-Besat for about 40-45 minutes after Namaz-e-Magrabain

Thursday, 5th of May 2016, Milad of Besat-e-Rasool will take place. Programme shall be as follows
7:30 pm Dua e Kumail
8:00 pm Manqabat
8:20 pm Milad (Molana Syed Raza Hussain Zaidi)
9:01 pm Namaz-e-Magrabain

Friday, 6th of May 2016, Majlis to commemorate departure of Imam Hussain (علیہ سلام) from Medina to Kerbala. Programme would be as follows:
8:00 pm Hadees e kisa
8:15 pm Marsia
8:25 pm Majlis (Molana Syed Raza Hussain Zaidi)
9:03 pm Namaz e Magrabain

Momineen who wish to recite in the above programmes should contact Syed Saqib Hussain Shah

Momineen and Mominaat are requested to attend on time

Regular Events

  • Juma Prayer is held every Friday at 01:03 pm
  • Namaz-e-Magribain is offered in jamat daily
  • Dua-e-Tawassul is recited every Tuesday after Magrib prayer
  • Dars and Open Discussion takes place every Wednesday an hour before  prayer
  • Dua-e-Kumail is recited every Thursday after Magrib prayer
  • Madressa for boys and girls is conducted every Saturday from 10:45 AM to 02:30 PM.
  • Madrassa material can be downloaded from Madressa Website
  • Quran and Arabic language lessons are held for all ages on every Sunday after Zohr for 2 hours
  • Volunteers are welcome to help with Madrassa activities